I didn't mean for that comic to end on a defeatist note



My intention was to spark a conversation, not discourage others from going into comic shops.

My experiences are NOT isolated events, but at the same time, there are people out there working hard to reclaim comics and open their doors to an inclusive customer base.

A Tumblr user has…


Unsurprising there’s no SF shops on this list.  I’ve yet to find a comics shop in this city that I feel comfortable being in.

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The Truth About Your Body



1- You are not your size at Forever21.

2- Just because this shapeless dump of a see-through shirt at F21 makes you look like a weirdo marshmallow cloud does not mean you are not a true marshmallow cloud in real life. You are. You are the Beautiful, Reigning Queen of The…

You especially don’t need the high levels of lead found in their accessories and dyed clothing items.

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A Wooden Train Set That Lets Kids Compose Tune

To a kid, making music can seem very mysterious, but the fundamental love of playing around with different sounds and listening to how they sound when strung fluidly together is something every musician and composer discovers first in childhood. “I wanted a toy that allowed children to discover for themselves how music was actually made.”


def getting this for my kids


sadly they stopped working to get this to production because it’s too expensive to make

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I think I just made this in under the wire. #witchweek Purple hat cos purple’s the colour of magic!

  • Question: Hey Kateordie! I want to get back into reading comic books, can you suggest a series or two that's good without any of the mysogynistic crap? - laithorn
  • Answer:


    Yeah, definitely! Ongoing series that have recently started (as in, within the last 6 months) you should check in with:

    • The Wake, a story about a mysterious benefactor who starts collecting scientists together in an underwater lab because he’s found… something. Female protagonist.
    • Hinterkind, a post-apocalyptic story about a world where humanity is an endangered species and animals run the show. Female protagonist.
    • Coffin Hill, a werewolf/vampire story that reads a lot like Vampire Diaries/modernized Anne Rice. Beautiful, beautiful art. Female protagonist.
    • FPB (Federal Bureau of Physics), an alternate reality story about a world wherein special officers are brought on location to deal with problems such as gravity loss. Male protagonist.
    • Killjoys, a dystopian future story written by Gerard Way that I only kind of understand, but it’s really beautiful and fun (thanks to art by Becky Cloonan!). Robots, demons, warrior gangs. Female protagonist(s).
    • Red Sonja, a new take on the classic chain mail bikini babe written by Gail Simone and tackled by lots of female artists. Fun, and the covers are gorgeous.
    • Rocket Girl, drawn by Batwoman/Madame Xanadu artist Amy Reeder, about a girl cop sent back in time from a future that maybe shouldn’t be. Gorgeous first issue came out today!
    • Sex Criminals started last week, and Matt Fraction has created something incredible. A girl freezes time every time she orgasms, and uses it to start robbing banks.

    Ongoing series with book collections or finished series you should get into because they’re awesome:

    • Saga, a Star Wars meets Romeo and Juliet story about two space hipsters from warring planets who have a baby and everyone is trying to kill them. Female and male protagonists, drawn by a lady!
    • Hawkeye, a story about both Hawkeyes (Clint Barton and Kate Bishop) living their day-to-day lives outside of being Avengers. Reads like a great HBO sitcom. Female and male protagonists, often drawn by artist lady Annie Wu!
    • Young Avengers, a superhero story featuring a pretty varied cast of dudes and ladies, and almost everyone is at least kind of gay. Really fun. Team story.
    • Revival, a rural noir story featuring amazing covers by Jenny Frison. Twin peaks-y, but with more gore. 
    • Rachel Rising, another kind of rural noir story, about a girl who wakes up in a grave and can’t convince anyone she isn’t dead. Really creepy and great. Female protagonist.
    • Mara, drawn by hero of the people Ming Doyle, about a sports star who starts developing supernatural abilities. LGBT content, great art. Female protagonist. (Book out November 13)
    • Batwoman, famed crime fighter and stalwart ginger lesbian, has three book collections to her name and some of the prettiest artwork in the game. Read Elegy. Just do it!

    Seriously, there are SO MANY great comics out there, created by people of all genders and backgrounds. It’s not all boobs and butts! Heck, even Power Girl, who is pretty much described by the boob window in her costume, has a great run of issues drawn by Amanda Conner.

    COMICS - not just for jerks! Ever!

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Gotham on a slow night.


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1950s Prom and Party Dresses: Red theme

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Daughters of the horse-leech, thy tempest out-thunders me.
source: Israel Zangwill, Without Prejudice, 1899. This description, at the time meant to be as absurd a set of charges and demands as could be placed in a straw woman’s mouth, today reads like a beautiful manifesto.


Daughters of the horse-leech, thy tempest out-thunders me.

source: Israel Zangwill, Without Prejudice, 1899. This description, at the time meant to be as absurd a set of charges and demands as could be placed in a straw woman’s mouth, today reads like a beautiful manifesto.

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Today is the release of my new comic book series, called The Midas Flesh! YOU GUYS, THIS IS AMAZING.

It’s based on this Dinosaur Comic but is way more awesomer, if you can even believe that. It’s written by me and drawn by Braden Lamb and Shelli Paroline, who you probably know because we’re also the team that creates the Adventure Time comic! And now we are also working together on this new crazy story about King Midas in space, featuring dinosaurs!

Pictured above are three of the covers by the amazing Noelle Stevenson, the amazing Emily Partridge, AND the amazing John Keogh!

You can read the first few pages here, you can read early reviews here or here and NOW THAT YOU ARE ASSUREDLY HOOKED, you can pick the book up at your local comic book shop or direct from the publisher, Boom, who is offering both this first issue or a subscription to the entire eight-issue series, which includes a free print! THE PRINT FEATURES EMILY’S DINOSAUR IN A SPACESUIT, JUST FYI.

Go enjoy the preview and then maybe pick up this book because it is going to be a CRAZY STORY and I can’t wait to share it with YOU.


I have read this and can assure you: it is

this is important

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